Exceptional Kennel and Day Care Service & Training in Columbus, Ohio

Dogs love us unconditionally, so what can we do in return? We can provide a safe-clean, low stress environment which caters to their needs--not ours. That's what Acme Canine is all about. We understand dogs. We've trained them for years and knows what inspires them and makes them happy. We strive to make a welcoming, clean, home-like atmosphere and promise to enforce good manners so your dog will have the structure he needs while he is away from home.

And we do this all with integrity, knowledge, and compassion.

You'll see the difference, hear the difference, and experience the difference.

Acme Canine Resource Center is more than a boarding or training center. It offers a spacious 1200 square foot indoor facility and three outdoor multi-purpose areas for specialized training.

Ever wonder about your dog's behavior and whether it is or isn't appropriate?

Is my dog being a dog or does he need training?

It's important to understand what your dog is saying through his body and mannerisms to improve your relationship with your dog.

A wagging tail may not always mean a dog is friendly.

Acme Canine's certified trained professionals will not only give you the skills to manage your dog but also explain the "Why" in dog's thinking to promote a strong and positive relationship.

To really read dog body language takes experience.

Learn More Tricks! We're happy to share our canine experience and knowledge.

Gain insight to a variety of dog related questions!