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Board and Train

"Acme Canine had two pupils—me and my dog. The training was invaluable help for both of us—we're both firmly planted on the road to success. I recommend Acme Canine whole-heartedly for guidance in developing an obedient family-friendly dog."
JOellen Balon, Delaware
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Dog owners with busy lifestyles or owners who would like their dog trained quickly may want to consider our on-site programs. Unlike most training companies, Acme Canine teaches your pet in a home environment, using training methods appropriate for your dog's personality and temperament. We customize the training methods for your dog to meet your unique needs and goals. Your dog will receive socialization and distraction training in real life situations. Acme Canine considers your dog's comfort and happiness our number one concern. All overnight camps include gentle, individualized loving attention, 2-3 walks per day, playtime either alone or with other dogs, distraction road trips and scratches behind the ear with loving hugs before bedtime. In addition, Acme Canine will provide email updates and documentation of the ENTIRE TRAINING PROCESS, if requested, as a permanent record of your dog's progress and training. We'll even pick up and deliver your dog!

What also make Acme Canine unique is we provide follow up sessions at your home to ensure you have the training knowledge and techniques to maintain your well-mannered dog. As our client, you also have the opportunity to call us for help if you ever have problems with your dog ---at no further cost!