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Dog training is a team effort at Acme Canine
Dog Misbehaving

Our Acme Approved Certified Trainers will combine their knowledge with your goals to create a training approach that is customized to fit you and your dog. All of our programs are designed not only to help the Columbus area dog overcome his/her behavior issues, but to enhance the bond between the dog and his/her owner in the process.

We believe that dogs are capable of being the well behaved pet and companion that most pet owners dream of having. By providing our dogs with leadership, rules to abide by, and a clear and effective method of communication, we establish ourselves as the pack leaders and gain our dog's respect and trust.

Whether private lesson or overnight camp, it is our goal from the minute we start training with you to have your dog responding reliably off leash to your hand and verbal signals.

Anyone who has ever owned a dog knows of the tremendous love and acceptance they bring. Dogs don't care how we look or even how we act. They love us unconditionally.

From selecting the right puppy to teaching hand signals to an older dog who has lost his hearing, Acme Canine recognizes the various stages of a dog's development and how training has to be adapted to focus on the puppy, the adolescent, and the adult or senior dog. Training methods are based on your dog's personality as well as your goals, wants and needs. Using a combination of canine learning theory, canine psychology and canine behavior modification, our Acme Approved trainers humanely and gently teach dogs.

We are committed to making your relationship with your dog the best it can be. Obedience is only a part of our training. We assist you in diminishing unwanted behaviors while establishing and strengthening the bond between you and your dog. We GUARANTEE you will see improvement in your dog in just one session!

In addition to the services below, Acme Canine offers a variety of speciality workshops and classes and events throughout the year. These are listed on our Event Calendar.

The Canine Consultation is a one-hour session during which an Acme Canine certified trainer asks a number of questions in order to obtain background on your dog as well as learn what your goals and needs are. In addition they will observe the dynamics of your dog in its home setting and its interactions between family members and pets. They will also determine your dog's personality and temperament. With this information your trainer will give you tips and advice as well as design a specific training plan. Just as you would meet with your physician before receiving any medical care, this required first session is essential in order to successfully coach you in obtaining the well-mannered dog you desire. We’ll do the research and share our canine knowledge and experience to help you solve the state of affairs.

Cost: $75
Our certified instructors will help you train your dog in its environment (at your home or at a location where you're having problems). Each session includes verbal instruction, hands-on demonstration and printed handouts. You will learn how to improve your dog's manners and eliminate bad behaviors using real-life distractions and gain knowledge on incorporating training into your lifestyle. Included in the first session is our Acme Canine folder individualized to your dog and brimming with dog training tidbits. An average training program would last four sessions.

On-location behavior training allows you to learn the proper methods to train your dog for the real world in the privacy of your own home or where your dog is acting out. Great for dogs who would not do well in a group setting or for owners whose schedules are hectic. Clients can define their own training program based on Acme Canine's recommendations at the canine assessment. We offer appointments during the day, evening, or weekend. We come to YOU as frequently as one day a week, two days per week, or five days per week, depending on your needs and those of your dog.

Cost: $125 Approximately one hour.

Additional Information

TWO DOG SPECIAL! Add a second dog or more to any private training for an additional $50.00/session.
Dog owners with busy lifestyles or owners who would like their dog trained quickly may want to consider our on-site programs. Unlike most training companies, Acme Canine Certified Trainers teach your pet in a home-like environment, using training methods appropriate for your dog's personality and temperament. We customize the training methods for your dog to meet your unique needs and goals. Your dog will receive socialization and distraction training in real life situations. Acme Canine Certified Trainers consider your dog's comfort and happiness our number one concern. All overnight camps include gentle, individualized loving attention, 2-3 walks per day, playtime either alone or with other dogs, distraction road trips and scratches behind the ear with loving hugs before bedtime. In addition, Acme Canine will provide email updates and documentation of the ENTIRE TRAINING PROCESS, if requested, as a permanent record of your dog's progress and training. We'll even pick up and deliver your dog!

What also make Acme Canine Certified Trainers unique is we provide follow up sessions at your home to ensure you have the training knowledge and techniques to maintain your well-mannered dog. As our client, you also have the opportunity to call us for help if you ever have problems with your dog ---at no further cost!
Are you a dog owner who wants your dog trained quickly, reliably and eventually to be off leash?
This program is designed for your needs, whatever the issue… obedience, good manners, confidence building. Your dog will be immersed in training with real life distractions and situations in a home environment. During your dog’s stay he will be taught basic manners as well as on-leash commands: HEEL, SIT, DOWN, WAIT, PLACE MAT, LEAVE IT, SAY HI, ELIMINATION ON COMMAND, and an introduction to COME. You will receive an Acme Canine manual individualized to your dog and brimming with dog training tidbits, progress report, and certificate of completion.

Cost: $1,200

Additional Information
10 days of individualized behavior training and coaching at our home facility, daily documentation of the training process, a one hour reunion session at pick up and one follow-up session in your home. A leather leash, drag line and proper training collar as well as FREE Acme membership including our Maintenance Package at no additional cost.
With off-leash camp we will build a foundation of respect, focus and trust from your canine companion and achieve complete off-leash obedience in two weeks. We will raise your dog’s ability level with HEEL, SIT, DOWN, WAIT, PLACE, LEAVE IT, DROP, SAY HI, ELIMINATION ON COMMAND, COME to respond to verbal commands and hand signals at a distance and without a leash. The program is individualized to your needs whatever the goal. You will receive an ACME canine manual individualized to your dog and brimming with dog training tidbits, a progress report, certificate of completion and video instruction.

Cost: $1,250

Additional Information

10 days of individualized behavior training and coaching at our home facility, daily documentation of the training process, a one hour reunion session at pick up and one follow-up session in your home. A long line, drag line and proper training collar as well as FREE Acme membership including our Maintenance Package at no additional cost.

NOTE: A Dogtra Element 300M static electronic collar is available for an additional cost.
Separation anxiety, obsessive disorders, excessive shyness, containment phobia and other serious behavioral issues with your dog can be improved with this camp. Our certified trainers will work with your dog to build his confidence. Behavioral problems often cause an owner to feel they must give up their pet. Even nice dogs can develop problem behaviors and even experienced dog owners can find themselves with a problem dog. By understanding what your dog is doing and why he is doing it, you can change any behavior to suit your lifestyle. That is what behavior modification and dog behaviorism is all about. Helping you understand what makes your dog tick so you can change the negative behaviors into positive behaviors without punishment or force.

Since behavior issues may require some lifestyle changes at home, we also provide coaching to owners on how to positively rebuild your relationship. The program is individualized to your dog’s special needs, whatever the issue… behavioral, confidence building or aggression. This overnight camp creates a dog that can live in harmony with people, make good decisions when you aren't there to give commands, and generally be a happier more content companion because he understands the rules of the human world. Before entering this camp we ask that you have your dog's overall health assessed by your vet.

You will receive an Acme Canine manual individualized to your dog and brimming with dog training tidbits, progress report, and certificate of completion.

Cost: $1,700

Additional Information

14 days of individualized behavior training and coaching at our home facility, daily documentation of the training process, a one hour reunion session at pick up and one follow-up session in your home. A leather leash, drag line and proper training collar as well as FREE Acme membership including our Maintenance Package at no additional cost.
Choosing the right dog
Dogs come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. With more than 400 breeds developed for specific purposes and with a wide variety of personalities, it can be difficult to choose which dog best suits your family’s needs. Acme Canine can advise you about breeds and groups of dogs as well as assist you with selecting the perfect match for you. After completing and returning our questionnaire a certified trainer will meet with you to discuss the breed options best suited for your family and answer any dog-related questions you may have. You will receive a written report describing the breeds specifically chosen for your family which includes information about the breed including appearance, personality, health issues, and more.

Cost: $85
Puppies are adorable but each has its own personality and temperament. Many times breeders as well as prospective dog owners would like a fairly reliable predicator of a puppy’s personality, sociability and potential trainability at maturity. Acme Canine can evaluate a litter or individual puppy at 7 weeks of age, analyze the results and provide a useful indicator of personality and temperament that’s right for our client.

Cost: $50/puppy $100 for litter.

Group classes are great. They are not, however, designed to be effective with all dog owners or puppies. Preparing puppies for life is much more than dog on dog interactions. It means providing them with a positive exposure to a wide range of experiences which includes all 5 senses.

If you’re a first time dog owner, have a more difficult puppy or truly want to acquire the tools necessary to nurture a well socialized dog then Acme Canine’s Puppy Preschool is for you.

After years of teaching thousands of Franklin and Delaware Counties’ dogs and puppies, certified Columbus dog trainer, Laura Pakis, cultivated a 5-week puppy preparation program which gives owners the tools to assist with puppy development using real life distractions and experiences.

These individualized sessions are arranged to your schedule, on the date and time you want. We bring everything to your home in an atmosphere where you and your puppy are most comfortable. Each session covers housetraining, socialization, playbiting, and handling for an examination or grooming. Throughout the program Laura provides hands on coaching on topics such as giving freedoms and setting boundaries, crate training, first aid, nutrition, confidence building, and puppy commands.

When you look at training as part of life and not so much as something we do to dogs, you can see beyond obedience and find these skills are not only beneficial for your puppy, but also give them mental exercise they need as well. The result is a well-socialized puppy ready and willing to learn obedience and have the best relationship possible with its owners.

Age restrictions: Puppies may be up to 16 weeks of age.
Vaccination policy: The puppy must be as current as he can be for the puppy's age. Owner must bring vaccination record.

Cost: $70/session $325/entire 5-week program
Housebreaking nightmares? Don't get frustrated, consider our easy alternative to begin the pattern of successful house training.
With the Loo Review program your puppy or dog will learn the pattern of successful house training. Our certified trainers will help you create a housebreaking schedule for your dog to establish patterns for feeding, watering, and elimination. All positive methods with no force or punishments are used when teaching your dog or puppy to eliminate on command. In addition your dog will learn to walk politely on the leash, SIT and PLACE to reinforce your dog’s self control and mannerly behavior. You will receive an Acme Canine manual individualized to your dog and brimming with dog tidbits, a progress report, certificate of completion and video instruction.

Cost: $2500

21 days of individualized behavior training and coaching at our home facility, daily documentation of the training process, a one hour reunion session at pick up and one follow-up session in your home. A cotton leash and slip training collar are included at no additional cost.

Additional services available:
Paper training on special pads: add $150 (includes pads)
Litter box train: add $150 (only available for toy breeds, under 16 weeks of age and requires a longer stay. Litter box not included.)
Maintenance Meetup If you are like most of the dog owners we talk to, you want some assurance that your dog will remain reliable long after you've completed your training program; that when you need assistance with getting your dog to listen, or to stop some unwanted behaviors, there is someone to coach you.

Dog training should be an investment for your future with your dog. So any long-term investment should have long term results. The Acme Canine Maintenance Package means two things:

1) Peace of mind that the training will work in the first place! We know that our training methods work for ANY DOG. So we can offer this package because we know your dog can be trained.
2) After the initial training has been completed, if your dog ever forgets a command or any other problems come up, we will help you resolve the problems and work with you and your dog during our monthly group sessions.

We want to make sure all of our clients are successful long-term, and encourage them all to keep in touch with us if they ever need any additional help. The Maintenance Package insures this success. Guaranteed!

NOTE: Maintenance Meetups occur 2:00pm on the third Sunday of each month.

Cost: $100 (one-time fee for the life of your dog)
One of the biggest problems facing suburban and urban canines is the lack of proper socialization. Behaviorists and trainers have been promoting puppy socialization classes for years, and many people take advantage of those classes where they are offered. It is great that people socialize their puppies, but all too often that is the extent of socialization their dog gets. Sure they may have a few dogs at home, or maybe their dog even gets to play with a couple of neighborhood dogs once in a while, but for the most part, the dog lives in relative isolation from other dogs. Acme Canine is pleased to announce they have achieved certification as Pack to Basics instructors. By completing this workshop Acme Canine can provide a comprehensive approach to canine socialization, specifically geared towards dogs with known socialization issues. These Pack to Basics socialization sessions use the dog's naturally strong social behavior to reduce stress and fear; build confidence and language skills, allowing for many common behavior problems to slip away. This is an approach like none other!

The importance of socialization remains after the puppy socialization classes have ended. The issue goes deeper than simply learning how to behave around other dogs. Regular socialization gives dogs the opportunity to exist in their most natural state: in the company of other dogs. This is incredibly therapeutic for dogs, lowering their overall stress level as well as lowering stress specifically related to other dogs. In addition it has been proven effective (in conjunction with obedience training) for reducing or eliminating certain types of aggression.

Pack to basics is an advanced socialization process that focuses on the dogs that are typically excluded from doggie day-cares and other socialization venues. Because of this fact, Pack to Basics offers an opportunity to help dogs that otherwise might not be able to ever run with other dogs.

Pack to Basics is unique in many ways, overwhelmingly though the chief advantage is safety. Unlike dog parks, dogs attending Pack to Basics classes are screened for dangerous behavior. Dog's who are determined to be too dangerous are prepared through training to enter classes.

In addition to this screening process, Pack to Basics classes have instructors who are there to prevent problems before they occur. If the dogs do get into trouble, the instructor is ready to get them out of trouble without making the situation worse. However, unlike most doggie day care, Pack to Basics allows dogs to non-violently work out their differences letting them learn to trust in their own diplomacy.

The result is an exceptionally well-balanced and confident dog, who can remain calm and attentive even when surrounded by strange dogs.

Cost: $20 Cost based per 1/2 hour session.
The main objective of the Acme Reading Dogs program is to provide a relaxed and "dog-friendly" atmosphere, which allows children to practice the skill of reading. Many of the children chosen for this program have difficulties reading and as a result have developed self-esteem issues. They are often self-conscious when reading aloud in front of other classmates. By sitting down next to a dog and reading to the dog, all pressure of being judged are put aside. The child relaxes, pats the attentive dog, and focuses on the reading. Reading improves because the child is practicing the skill of reading, building self-esteem, and associating reading with something pleasant.

During this 6-week course, dog owners will learn the skills to work with children on improving their reading comprehension and how to use their dog as the facilitator for relaxed reading. Areas covered include sitting politely for petting, holding a page in a book with their paw, place mat command, reacting politely around children and distractions as well as being tested for health, safety appropriate skills and temperament to work with children. The class is specifically designed to have your dog achieve reading dog status and work with local schools, libraries and book stores to encourage reading with children.

Dogs and owners will need to pass an examination in order to achieve Acme Dog certification.

Cost: $225 The Acme Reading Dogs program is an AKC certified therapy group which connects trained reading dogs with schools, libraries and bookstores.